Ash Fills and Pothole Repairs

Robbie Snell have a strong history of working on local civil projects with councils and governments including providing quality pothole repairs and ash filling services. We have an experienced and qualified team who are dedicated to providing quality workmanship.

We are fully licensed and insured and all our machinery is serviced on a regular basis to ensure no faults or delays when we are completing projects. In addition to providing road repairs, our team are also available for building new roads, including kerbing and channelling.

For more information regarding our team, capability and services, please give the team at Robbie Snell Earthworx a call on 0409 721 164

Ash Fill Pothole Patching:

We use a specialised piece of machinery for repairing pot holes – it has a profiler on the front of it that rips the road up and then fills the hole in with ash fill. Ash fill is a recycled bi-product and using it to fill potholes is an environmentally-friendly use for it that prevents it from ending up in landfill.

At Robbie Snell Earthworx, in conjunction with our other businesses Coastal Skip Bin Hire and Coastal Sand,  Soil and Mulch, we have a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and do our best to recycle or re-purpose all of our waste.

The Earthworx Process:

We have refined our process over the years to make dealing with Robbie Snell Earthworx as quick and simple as possible; simply give us a call and arrange a suitable time for Robbie to visit the site and provide a quote. The minimum rate for hire is two hours and it is comprehensive, including all travel, equipment and operator costs.

If you are happy with the quote then we will book the job in on a day and time that suits you. On the day, our team will turn up on time, get the job done quickly and without any issues and then clean up after themselves once they are done.

Request a Pothole Repair Quote

Get in touch to request a quote for any of our ash fill and road repair services. Call 0409 721 164